I want my Pumpkin Chai!

who's Aggie?


Wish we had a Coca-Cola for every time we've been asked, "Are you Aggie?"

Nope, but this so deserves a full feature all its own on our blog. Keep watch there for a completely unauthorized memoir devoid of political correctness, I'm sure, so we'll apologize in advance for our (my) shortcomings!

Here's the wiki version (she deserves that recognition, too, in our opinion):

Aggie (Agnes Catherine Murphy Dilks b. Jan 25,1925 in Wallowa, Oregon) was our aunt/great-aunt who also happened to be our dad/grand-dad's twin sister! Two little babes born to Irish settlers in the frigid winter in the early 1900's. Their mother was told they likely wouldn't survive, but she did her best and kept them in a little box near the cook stove to keep warm.

The babies survived, but each with developmental delays we now assume were due to their premature birth and lack of advanced care. Aggie grew up, married her sweetheart, George, and was never without a Coca-Cola. She was an interesting fixture and charming character to all who knew her in little 'ol Wallowa, Oregon.

Watch our blog for stories about Aggie from not one, but TWO of us here at Bungalow HQ who cherish funny and heart-warming memories of the most precious angel there ever was.