Scent Collections

Farm House Classics

Bartlett Pear

If you’ve had the good fortune of making memories in the Hood River Valley, this one will make you smile for sure! It’s tart, fruity, and fresh in all the right ways and keeps you coming back for more. It’ll hit your sweet-spot, we promise! (Shop Bartlett Pear)


NEW! Bright, perfectly sweet-tart, an attention getter in a good way. Be still my heart, this is so crazy-delicious we can hardly contain ourselves! (Shop Cranberry)

Harvest Berry

Spiced cranberries and cinnamon are blended with ginger, anise and clove for a bold representation of fall and the holidays to come! (Harvest Berry)


The sweetest blue lavender buds softly say hello with just a hint of chamomile in this long-standing classic.  Just like our Nanny, it’s classy and well-dressed, ready for anything at a moments notice.  It’s often selected for its broad range of gifting attributes! Birthdays, house-warming gifts, thank you’s, or teacher appreciations this little darling always delivers a solid performance. (Shop Lavender)

Lemon Tart

This is a smooth, creamy lemon with just a hint of vanilla. It is soft and sweet without being too tart or over-powering. There’s a certain deliciousness we detect that we’re blaming on a little powdered sugar in there. It is our favorite bakery scent for sure! (Shop Lemon Tart)

Strawberry Rhubarb

This is a  bright, refreshingly tart scent that reminds us so much of summer picnics at The Cabin! It’s the heavenly sweet strawberry we all love blended with just enough tart rhubarb to be noticed.  Even Pop approves of this one! (Shop Strawberry Rhubarb)

Summer Peach

NEW! A bright, fresh, sweet peach that sings summer’s song all day long. (Shop Summer Peach)

Vanilla Berry

NEW! Bright, sweet berries mixed with creamy vanilla. This is a strong one and was a top seller at our little Bungalow Boutique back in the day. (Shop Vanilla Berry)

Modern Cottage

French Press

NEW! Well, hello favorite coffee house! This is rich and roasty like our favorite brew. We think good coffee tastes like chocolate and good chocolate tastes like coffee, so naturally this is a winner, right? (Shop French Press)

Fresh Linen

The clothesline at Grandma’s house is always our first thought when we’re stirring up a batch of these fragrant little goods. Comes complete with a summer breeze and sunshine, too! (Shop Fresh Linen)

Lemon Verbena

A modern classic if ever there was one…bright lemon and hearty, fresh verbena work perfectly together to produce a most delightful fragrance for your home. (Shop Lemon Verbena)

Pink Grapefruit

Zesty and lively and a little bit tart. A not-too-sweet delight! (Shop Pink Grapefruit)

Sweet Orange

NEW! A lush, bright clementine and true citrus all-star! (Shop Sweet Orange)

Vintage Fig

Decidedly sophisticated, this scent is balanced with a blend of fruity freshness, delivering a soft, sensual experience. A top seller! (Shop Vintage Fig)

Pacific Northwest Style

Heirloom Apple

This is the old-fashioned apple scent you might remember as a kid while picking apples at Grandma’s. This fresh-picked scent is sweet and bold; a perfect tail-end of summer scent, or anytime you are looking for something fresh, and happy! (Shop Heirloom Apple)

Milk & Honey

Sweet vanilla cream and delicious honey come together for a warm, inviting treat! (Shop Honey)

Lavender Mint

NEW! Herbal & fresh. This delightful blend is infused with essential oils of lavender and mint. (Shop Lavender Mint)

NW Pine

Always a best seller! Fresh, sweet cedar & pine with a soft feminine twist you’ll enjoy. (Shop NW Pine)

Wild Huckleberry

Here in the Pacific Northwest this is an absolute must have! Sweet and a little tart, this is all berry for sure. (Shop Wild Huckleberry)

White Lilac

The epitome of spring in the Pacific Northwest is lilac for us! While daffodils and crocus’ are making their way up through the mud and the muck, it’s the lilac bushes beside our little shop in the country that assure us,”Spring IS here!” (Shop White Lilac)

Holiday Delights

Apple Cider

The fall harvests and celebrations always kick off with this bright, tart seasonal favorite.  Bright & Bold! (Shop Apple Cider)

Bayberry & Pine

NEW! A soft, wintery forest full of holiday greens and good tidings. (Shop Bayberry & Pine)

Christmas Cabin

Sweet, lush cedar and pine surround you like a trip to The Cabin on Christmas Day where Pop’s already got the fire going. Don’t forget your skis! (Shop Christmas Cabin)

Cinnamon Buns

This is where love comes pouring out of the oven as the warm, buttery, cinnamon goodness we can only find at our Nanny’s house! (Shop Cinnamon Buns)

Holiday Home

Spicy orange notes floating in from the kitchen with a warm, crackling fire dancing with the quiet glow of the Christmas tree. (Shop Holiday Home)

Pumpkin Chai

Warm, spiced chai blended with our fall favorite pumpkin! (Shop Pumpkin Chai)

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