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Soy Wax Info:

Learn More about soy:

Where to buy Soy Wax (West Coast)

Candle Science

Cierra Candles

Shay & Co. 

Where to buy Soy Wax (East Coast)

Fillmore Container

Product Handling Sheet for NatureWax C-3: Click Here

Milkhouse Candle Co: The King of Soy  


Fragrance Oil Info:

Article on essential oil purity grades, standards, and supplier marketing ploys

Phthalates Fact Sheet

Research Institute for Fragrance Materials:

What’s in a fragrance oil?

For more in depth information on Essential Oils please see the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy ( for some great information on what nature has to offer us!

National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy: How are essential oils extracted?


Resources for Recipes:

Lavender Fragrance Oil: CandleScience

Harvest Apple Fragrance Oil: CandleScience

4 oz Travel Tin Containers: CandleScience

Eco 10 Wicks: CandleScience


Safety & Testing

How To Perform a Test Burn: CandleScience

National Candle Association: Fire Safety Standards



Fair Packaging & Labeling Act (USA)

Kraft Label Stock

HP Home Printer Option 

For printing small quantities of labels or boxes:

For easy online ordering and decent quality products: