Little Girl Memories of Aggie

A little memory shared by my momma, Aggie's niece (find her on Instagram! @queenbeenanny):

Aggie…the dearest sweetest person one could ever meet! I remember as a little girl
how fun it was to go to her house in Wallowa (NE Oregon) where she had the coolest spice set one could ever hope to see!

The set was all black people and there must have been 100-pieces! Every spice you could think of from allspice to white pepper and in all that set there was only one male shaker trying to stand tall in his yellow trousers and red jacket proudly holding his hat in front of him.

Was it then I realized that women rule? 

The set was plastic so I was allowed to take them from their place in Aggie’s
beautiful old curved glass secretary (which I really didn’t have an appreciation for at
the time) and play with them to my heart’s content! I would line them up in a row
and they would stretch from her front door clear to her kitchen stove.

I have often wondered what ever happened to that precious old spice set I loved to play with!

OK, in full disclosure, there may not have been quite 100-pieces but I remember
there were a lot of pieces to the set...and the front door may have been less than 10
or 15-feet from the kitchen stove but I know it was a really long line that they made!

I miss Aggie and remember her sweet little golden hoop earrings that she must have
been born with because they were so much a part of her! I remember her golden
wedding band so narrow and so cherished. I remember how kind and thoughtful
she was and, of course, her yummy oatmeal cookies and how proud she was to serve them to us when we visited.